For @elementary I’m wondering if we should move that to fosstodon?

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If you are using a domain name controlled by Inc (like .social or .systems) to serve your instance you are not really free

While other registries aren't saints, they don't celebrate putting third party corporations before you, the person who registered a domain name, always, with no regard to due process

I am going back to basics, reviewing my self-hosting expectations and implementing it the way I think it should work
Join me in my journey, maybe I'll learn from you, you from me, or just have a laugh, what ever works

So I am going to brush up on my Ruby, Rails specifically, just to help the devs move away from it 🤔

When life gives you CSVs, use xsv, so you'll have time to make lemonade

ARM templates? the amount of abstraction and workarounds I had to write around using ARM templates can soon replace ARM templates altogether

Now Azure wants you to replace it with Bicep, I am so happy it won't be on my roadmap any time soon, hopefully never


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